SRBS of USA offers many services to the members families around the world.
We provide labels for Wedding in Red color(Clear or White) We also provide labels by Village, chapters, state or any other type by request. Please allow some time for printing and delivery.
Bhakta Directory Database Update
Please update your profile online now by loginng into this web site with your user name and password provided by our samaj. To get username and password, please send request to login screen. 
Kabirvani - (SRBS of India - Shree Ramakabir Mandir Trust - Surat)
We are seeking news and activities from all chapters for our publication of Kabirvani.
Please send your news and articles by using our Feedback feature or sending the email to the editor and/or web master.
Bhakta Web based Email ID
Each Bhakta Member will get a web based Email ID for
You will need to request your ID by sending an Email to Support@Bhakta.comwith your Name, address, phone #. Make sure you have paid your membership.
Each member will get only 1 User ID.    UserID will be created on First Come First Served Basis.
Education Scholarships
Please send email to our CFO or visit USA website from the left panel and download from the document section file name Financial Aid and mail it to the CFO. Thank you.
Note:- All applicants must send the forms to the contact person on the form (our CFO and Education fund coordinator from the contact list).
All scholarship programs require applicants to submit at least one letter of recommendation with their applications.
Please attached a signed letter of recommendation in a sealed envelope with your application. The letter must be from a professor or work supervisor, not related to the student applicant. The letter of recommendation should speak to your character, work ethic, and accomplishments. Thank you.

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